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Who We Are

Curiosity | Collaboration | Coherence

At TBA, We believe that people are motivated by their thirst for knowledge & their attraction to beautiful ideas, actions and outcomes. Meaningful change is driven by meaningful conversations and a systematic approach to sustainable improvement. Let's explore the possibilities together and change our organizations for the better.

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Travis Birch

CEO, Principal Consultant & Trainer

Travis has been helping businesses improve for over a decade. His approach is humane, pragmatic, thoughtful & reflective. He will help you think differently about your business, how it can improve & how you can be a better leader.


Aparna Renganathan

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Aparna has been training & coaching business leaders for nearly a decade. She is thorough, detail-oriented & passionate about helping all of her clients and students to achieve their goals. She will help you identify & take the next steps on your improvement journey.

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